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Empower your physical, energetic and mental wellbeing with Master Blue Siytangco. Trained as a Taijiquan Master, a Reiki Master, and a Past Life Regression therapist, Master Blue provides three paths to aid in achieving healing, understanding, and enhancing of comprehensive body - mind - spirit fitness for his clients and students.

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In Chen Style Taijiquan, the path is a mindful adventure through the body by combining martial arts, physical training, internal energy work, and meditation. This is a life long adventure. Taijiquan is a life style that can be practiced until the end of our days. Master Blue Siytangco is a 12th Generation Lineage Holder for Chen Style Taijiquan and a 20th Generation Honorary Family Member of the Chen clan. He earned his title under the auspices of 19th Generation Master Cheng Jincai. But he also has the honor to claim 19th Generation Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, 20th Generation Master Chen Huixian, and 20th Generation Master Chen Bing among his teachers. With almost 30 years of experience in the martial arts, Master Siytangco has been training and teaching Chen Style Taijiquan for over 15 years in Houston, Texas.

For more information about Master Blue's taiji classes go to Taiji Kungfu Academy

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Reiki is an energetic path. Utilizing Universal healing enegy (also called Qi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese, and Prana in Sanskrit) it is the gentlest and least invasive of any alternative energetic healing modality. Reiki is a gentle salve that will promote harmony and peace. All too often, you will see Reiki mixed with multiple modalities like healing crystals, herbs, and other energy work. While these methods are not necessarily improper, it is not traditional Reiki. Blue Siytangco is a traditional Master Level Reiki therapist under his instructor, Tami Daun. This lineage stems directly to the founder of the system, Mikao Usui.


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Past Life Regression (PLR) provides a spiritual path. With PLR therapy, the client can achieve deeper spiritual understanding and healing through direct experiences of past lives, future lives, and/or spiritual encounters with guides, angels, and ancestors. Using guided meditation a client is brought into a direct experience of their immortal essence. Blue Siytangco was trained and certified as a PLR therapist under Dr. Brian Weiss and his wife Carol. Dr Weiss is considered to be the world's leading authority in past life regression and future life progression. His books have achieved international acclaim and professionals throughout the world seek his training and counseling.